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Spiridione, my middle name, has strong Greek origins, and Greek philosophy is still current and pervasive, which is why I called the website

During my adolescence my preferred books were those that covered philosophical questions. At 19, I moved to Milan and then graduated from Bocconi University with a degree in Business Administration at 24. 

This was when I faced the first real challenges, living with a limited budget, studying, and working to get some income, and I started to understand that we are owed nothing in life. After my graduation, the period of idealism was over. I no longer believed I could change the world, and at that time I thought philosophy was a complete waste of time. 

After graduating, my motivation in life was centered around strong career achievements. For details on my professional resume, it is easier to look at LinkedIn; however, I will give you a flavor of my professional life.

At 25, I started working in Management Consulting, facing the challenges posed by customers at a national and international level. For the next six years I worked between 80 and 100 hours a week for about 50 out of 52 weeks. This was probably the most formative and engaging period of my life, as I traveled the world and faced complex and varied work situations. At 30, I became a manager, achieving the “schwerpunkt".

Soon after, I left the consultancy world and went to work in the energy and public services field in a small but very dynamic utilities company. In the following years, I had various roles, including strategy manager, sales and marketing director, and CFO. While working in a specific region of Italy, I learned a lot, and above all, it was here that I met and married my wife. 

At 40, I moved to another company and returned to Milan, where I assumed various professional roles such as business unit director, CFO, and CEO.

At 43, my daughters were born, twins who have changed all our priorities for the better. In the last three years, my inner reflections on the meaning of life have multiplied. I now consider philosophy along with music to be the most beautiful expression of humans’ connection with the Universe.


The website is my attempt to leave a small trace of my thinking until it has done its job, when time will remove it.

At present, we can say that aliens have not arrived, environmental disasters are endangering life, and some human beings continue to behave in a despicable way while others create wonderful innovations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most fascinating creations of human intelligence. It is not unlikely that this creation of mankind will be able to evolve autonomously and become a more powerful entity than its creatorAt that point, AI will destroy the creator or merge with it into something completely new. The next few decades will bring interesting times.

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In today's information society, our valuable ideas last the time of viewing a post. Wonderful concepts are drowned in tons of nothing. This blog is an attempt to resist and discuss things that can give meaning to existence.

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