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Creation of a new Hybrid Intelligence (post n.2)

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The combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence in an emergent property

Key assertions:

  • An emergent property is something new and unique that is produced by the combination of other properties interacting in a system.
  • An emergent property is not a simple synergy such as 1+1=3 or a win-win situation; it is something brand new that is not positively or negatively classifiable.
  • HI and AI are nowadays strictly interacting, but while HI is stable AI is “evolving” at increasingly steep rates.
  • Current predictions focus on the disruptive impact which AI will cause on jobs and society due to the greater efficiency which will be brought exponentially to virtually any human activities.
  • The real question is whether humans will collaborate or compete to let AI evolve and forge a new Hybrid Intelligence.
  • Hopefully, collaboration and open sourcing in the development of AI will prevail over competition for control of such technology. Otherwise AI will probably cause havoc as HI comes to use it for purposes of domination.

An emergent property is something unique that in complex systems emerges from properties belonging to other components of the single system.

There are lots of examples in biology, physics and the social environment; we can think about humans organizing themselves in aggregations (cities) characterized by commercial, social, hospitality, cultural, economic activities that would be impossible without these complex systems.

Humans are the same all over the world, but when they aggregate in cities, they create emergent properties which are unique: each city in the world is special because humans who live there let unique properties emerge.

Emerging properties are also stable or unstable depending on how robust is the framework.

As human beings, we have evolved in the last 10,000 years, but scientists reckon that our brain has not changed that much in comparison to the first homo sapiens. This is at least some evidence, though not conclusive, that our intelligence has stabilized.

AI is now possible because data are everywhere and exponentially increasing and storable.

The big question: Is there a combination of human features and technology that can allow a new dominant emergent property to become stable and create a new intelligence paradigm—a new “Hybrid Intelligence”?

Human and artificial intelligence fusion

AI is now possible because data are everywhere and exponentially increasing and storable.

The big question: Is there a combination of human features and technology that can allow a new dominant emergent property to become stable and create a new intelligence paradigm—a new “Hybrid Intelligence”?

AI is nothing more than the combination of the best computational power plus petabytes of data plus the best mathematical and statistical techniques.

Everything works dynamically; the Machine Learning model used to categorize data and make predictions is updated in real time. This is a proxy for intelligence and long-/short-term memory because the model is always being updated (in real time) both in the learning and in the testing environment.

Predictions made by AI correspond to how humans think about the future.

AI can easily replace humans in repetitive tasks and in the making of predictions out of giant sets of data (humans tend to simplify and use simple heuristics to make decisions: we prefer shortcuts to massive analysis).

On the other hand, human Intelligence (HI) is most suited to talking about creation or creativity, creating beautiful or useful things out of what already exists or from scratch, even with little or no data.

A music genius can compose a beautiful melody by playing in real time an instrument because he/she is gifted in this area. A super AI needs petabytes of music to try to produce something that might possibly make sense.

The competition between HI and AI can quickly become a lose/win game (if businesses cut jobs for cost-cutting reasons, social problems will emerge and disrupt any decisive technology breakthrough).

On the other hand, if AI evolution and the main discoveries are socialized in an open way, humans will be able to exploit the advantages more proportionally and creatively (think of the powerful improvements that the internet is bringing worldwide at every single moment of our lives) and synergize the power of emergent properties.

That’s why I firmly believe that collaboration is better than competition to let nature (in this case human nature) apply its rules and allow new, complex and powerful properties to emerge.

The above will mean that HI + AI will beat humans or AI alone in investment decisions, medical diagnoses, textual interpretations, games, decision-making processes, business analyses, all types of forecasting (from weather to disasters), etc.

On the other hand, AI will beat HI in repetitive and massive data-based tasks, or complex/dangerous applications of robotics (we’ll have robots for accounting, cleaning windows, manufacturing cars, working in deep water/mines, etc.). This will free up an incredible number of human working days.

Humans will concentrate more on purely creative and philosophical tasks:

  • Educating children, devoting much more time to this than now (subtracted from the time-consuming jobs of our times).
  • Caring for the elderly.
  • Mutual understanding (fostering tolerance and self-awareness).
  • Thinking activities currently influenced by mass media with their hidden agendas and fake news.

The emergent properties of UI and AI will be the real revolution; humans will have more time to live and to understand other human beings and the delicate equilibriums of the planet, risk taking will be implemented with skin in the game approaches.

Technology will be best allied to this self-awakening if it is used in a collaborative style, not to dominate other human beings, companies or nations.

Today’s suggested book is another masterpiece by Ray Kurzweil: “the singularity is near”.

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