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Human Intelligence and its future (post n.1)

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Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the key to a new hybrid intelligence?

Key assertions:

  • All the resources of the universe are dots.
  • Human Intelligence (HI) is the ability to connect dots and extract meaning from them.
  • Basic lives are performed in comfort zones by standard connection of dots.
  • If human beings want to progress substantially, they need to make an effort and connect dots out of their comfort zones.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is mainstream now. If AI fulfills its promise, it will become the most efficient of humanity’s technologies in connecting dots.
  • HI and Universal Intelligence (UI) will merge into something brand new, with unimaginable power and potential.
  • The question in the coming, crucial years is “Will human beings compete or collaborate to develop AI?” The possible outcomes of the two scenarios are profoundly different.

Before exploring AI let’s think about the word “intelligence.”

What is “intelligence”?

In the search for a proper definition of “intelligence,” one will find a plethora of meanings from all possible sources.

I would like to provide a personal framework which will guide the thinking on this blog.

Let’s first define the context in which intelligence operates as the “collection of resources present in a system.”

Those resources can be inert or active, visible or invisible to our senses; each one of them is a dot.

Intelligence is what connects the dots so that our mind can elaborate meaning out of these connections.

When I am driving my car, my eyes move from left to right continuously, searching for signals (dots) that when connected influence the way an object of 2 tons is moving at 120 km/hour, surrounded by other cars whose drivers do the same.

The collective intelligence of drivers, which connects the dots on a specific road at a specific time, guarantees that very often all the cars, with their passengers, safely move from point a to point b.

The individual way a particular driver connects the dots can change this picture.

The good news is that very often modern life offers standard situations in which connecting dots is something more than the drawing games we have all done in crossword magazines or driving a car safely.

The bad news is that if we want to exit our comfort zones and make significant progress we need to go deeper and deeper in understanding things, recognize patterns, discover new things.

Now, because we are intelligent, we connect dots every second of our lives. We can do it for simple tasks or the most complex jobs. We can connect dots after a hard period of physical or mental training, by pure inner intuition or through a combination of the two.

In forthcoming posts we will return to the concept of connecting dots as the definition of intelligence.

We don’t have the truth about the universe. Our intelligence doesn’t allow us to connect the necessary dots to gain a satisfactory understanding of why and where Planet Earth and its inhabitants are active. Consequently, UI comprises all the available resources (dots) of the universe, which dynamically evolve in ways we, human beings, can only partially comprehend.

HI is a subsystem of UI. Let’s go with the Wikipedia definition: HI is the “intellectual process of humans, which is marked by complex cognitive feats and high levels of motivation and self-awareness. Through their intelligence, humans possess the cognitive abilities to learn, form concepts, understand, apply logic, and reason, including the capacities to recognize patterns, comprehend ideas, plan, solve problems, make decisions, retain information, and use language to communicate. Intelligence enables humans to experience and think”.

AI is a subsystem of HI. AI is what I define as the “attempt of Human Intelligence to create an alternative form of intelligence that by leveraging increasing computation power of computers, advanced statistics and mathematics, aims, at the current stage, at performing human tasks more efficiently.”

Here’s a graphical representation of the described forms of intelligence:

This site will try to address AI’s most exciting findings, discoveries, challenges.

As I write, in the year 2018, AI is mainstream.

The vision of this blog is that in 30 years AI will be different:

  1. Virtually any human activity will embed AI.
  2. Humans will consider AI no longer “artificial” but part of their intelligence.
  3. As a consequence of 2), Human Intelligence will become a Hybrid Intelligence (from HI to a new HI).
  4. The world will be a better place if we choose to engage the quest to evolve AI on a collaborative model instead of a competitive one.

At the end of each post, I will propose a book. The title will be in connection with the topic covered in the current article. No need for summaries or explanations; you know how to connect the dots 😊.

“How to create a mind” by Ray Kurzweil

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