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Unleashing Unimaginable Potential: Embracing AI as an Integral Part of Human Intelligence

Human intelligence has been a driving force behind every significant development in human history. From the discovery of fire to the exploration of space, the ability to connect dots and extract meaning from them has been the catalyst for progress. However, if humanity is to continue to make significant advancements, we must be willing to step out of our comfort zones and connect dots beyond what is standard. Enter artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to become the most efficient of humanity's technologies in connecting dots. With the increasing computational power of computers, advanced statistics, and mathematics, AI can perform tasks more efficiently than humans. If AI fulfills its promise, HI and Universal Intelligence (UI) will merge into something brand new, with unimaginable power and potential. The key question now is whether humans will compete or collaborate to develop AI, and the outcome of this choice will be profoundly different. To understand the concept of intelligence, we must first define the context in which it operates: the collection of resources present in a system. Each resource can be inert or active, visible or invisible to our senses, and each is a dot. Intelligence is what connects the dots so that our mind can elaborate meaning out of these connections. We connect dots every second of our lives, from simple tasks to complex jobs, through physical and mental training, intuition, or a combination of both. While our human intelligence has allowed us to accomplish incredible feats, we must acknowledge our limitations. We do not have the truth about the universe, and our intelligence cannot connect the necessary dots to gain a satisfactory understanding of why and where Planet Earth and its inhabitants are active. In contrast, UI comprises all the available resources (dots) of the universe, dynamically evolving in ways we can only partially comprehend. HI is a subsystem of UI, and AI is a subsystem of HI. As we move into the future, the vision of this blog is that AI will become an integral part of human intelligence, and humans will consider it no longer "artificial" but part of their intelligence. Virtually any human activity will embed AI, and as a consequence, human intelligence will evolve into a hybrid intelligence. This hybrid intelligence will be capable of achieving incredible feats, but only if we choose to engage in a collaborative model of AI development. In conclusion, the future of human intelligence lies in our ability to connect dots beyond what is standard and embrace AI as an integral part of our intelligence. By collaborating to develop AI, we can create a hybrid intelligence that has the potential to achieve unimaginable power and potential. Let us choose the path of collaboration and work towards a better world.


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