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AI Executive Coach

Explore an engaging platform of innovation, featuring executive coaching services, green energy transition, music, articles, and books. Driven by a love for humans and AI, this website serves as a constant source of motivation and personal development. Hope you enjoy the journey.

ai executive coach background
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Total Renewable Energy Book

My first Book on Renewable Energy and Global Warming

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Massimiliano_Masi_executive Coach

Renewable Energy Expert with skin in the game

Embarking on a bold new adventure in energy transition, I've chosen to invest my extensive experience as an energy executive and BCG partner into the development of a groundbreaking thermal energy storage project.


Now, as I lead the Magaldi Middle East region and drive global technological advancement, my unwavering commitment to innovation is shaping a more sustainable future for us all. Join me on this transformative journey as we redefine the energy landscape.

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Executive Coaching Dubai and Middle East

As an Executive Coach based in Dubai, I specialize in collaborating with forward-thinking organizations and individuals who prioritize the perfect blend of elevating professional and personal performance while maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.


By emphasizing the importance of each client's energy levels, I ensure a transformative shift from destructive to constructive energy, fostering growth, success, and overall well-being.


Unlock your potential with an Executive Coaching based in Dubai who understands your needs and helps you thrive, through the best Leadership Coaching.

Massimiliano_Masi_executive Coach Dubai
Growth background

How I see the role of the best life and executive coach

Collaborate, Don't Compete

Achieving high levels of awareness requires you to embrace a collaborative flow, not just with others, but also with yourself

Expect the Unexpected

When we remain open to surprises, we cultivate resilience placing ourselves in a position of strength, no matter what comes our way

Human-AI Synergy

The fusion of human empathy and AI's capabilities forms a powerful alliance, capable of transforming the world

Quality Always Wins

Committing to quality in every endeavor ensures lasting success and a legacy worth remembering

Embrace Discomfort

When we step out of our comfort zones, we find the courage to create and innovate beyond expectations

Mountain Ridge

My corporate career

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Magaldi Green Energy: decarbonizing industrial heat with electricity and sand

Dubai, World

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